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Quality Mangement System (QMS) Health Made in Germany Certification

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Antigens from Infectious Diseases

Antigens from many different pathogens are available as overlapping peptide scans pooled into freeze-dried PepMix™ aliquots (e.g. EBV, HCMV, Influenza, RSV).

PepMix™ Collections

PepMix™ Collections combine the individual peptide pools of all important antigens for an organsim in one micronic rack. They are intended for the qualification of individual patients immune responses for subsequent efficient immune monitoring.

Tumor Associated Antigens

Peptide Pools covering tumor associated antigens as overlapping peptide scans are pooled into freeze-dried PepMix™ aliquots (e.g. MAGE, NY-ESO1, PSA, WT1).

Control Pools

In order to establish reliable and validated T-cell assays, appropriate positive and negative controls are essential. JPT's PepMixes™ combine high batch-to-batch reproducibility and stability with reliable QC/QA.

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