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RepliTope™ for Tumor Associated Antigens

Peptide Microarrays: RepliTope™ for Tumor Associated Antigens
Overlapping peptide scans through tumor associated antigens are displayed on microarrays and can be incubated with patient sera, antibodies or other samples.
Please visit our "Products & Services" Page for information on our custom PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays or Peptide Synthesis service.

Multiwell RepliTope™ Microarrays for TAA

The peptides are arranged in 21 subarrays that can be incubated with different samples by using a incubation chamber that separates the subsarrays.

Standard RepliTope™ Microarrays for TAA

The peptides are arranged in our standard layout for manual or automatted incubation with one sample.


  • The Human Proteome Peptide Catalog
    More than 400,000 validated reference peptides covering essentially all human proteins
    (Apr 2018)
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  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
    We launch new PepMixes™ and RepliTopes™ representing immune checkpoint inhibitors hPD-1, PD-L1, PD-L2 and CTLA4!
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    (March 2018)
  • Address Sequence Diversity
    with NEW ULTRA Peptide Microarrays for HIV and Malaria
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    (March 2018)

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