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Individual MHC II Multimers

Individual MHC II Multimers

Fluorescent MHC II multimers available with three different fluorochromes and many alleles.

Please choose the appropriate allele, epitope and number of tests from the list below using the drop down menus.

Allele Peptide Antigen Category Cat. No. Dye Size Price Buy
DRB1*0101 PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza FA10001 add to cart
DRB1*0101 PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag FA10002  add to cart
DRB1*0101 TSLYNLRRGTALA  EBNA1 EBV  FA10003  add to cart
DRB1*0101 PEQWMFQGAPPSQGT EBNA3A EBV  FA10004 add to cart
DRB1*0101 QEIYMQHTYPISA Tetanus Toxin Tetanus  FA10005  add to cart
DRB1*0101 LPLKMLNIPSINVH pp65 CMV FA10006  add to cart
DRB1*0401 PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza FB10001  add to cart
DRB1*0401 PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag FB10002 add to cart
DRB1*0401 GAGSLQPLALEGSLQKRG Proinsulin Diabetes  FB10012 add to cart
DRB1*0401 IAFTSEHSHFSLK  GAD65  Diabetes  FB10013 add to cart
DRB1*0401 NFIRMVISNPAAT GAD65  Diabetes  FB10014 add to cart
DRB1*1101 PKYVKQNTLKLAT HA Influenza FD10001 add to cart
DRB1*1101 PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag FD10002  add to cart
DRB1*1101 GCRLFINVAPHARIA ADAMTS13 TTP  FD10019 add to cart
DRB1*1101 EHPTFTSQYRIQGKL pp65 CMV FD10020  add to cart
DPB1*0401 PVSKMRMATPLLMQA CLIP Endogenous Ag FH10002 add to cart
DPB1*0401 SLLMWITQCFLPVF  NY-ESO Cancer  FH10035 add to cart
DPB1*0401 TQHFVQENYLEY  MAGE-A3  Cancer  FH10036  add to cart
DPB1*0401 KKYFAATQFEPLA Oxytocinase  Cancer  FH10037  add to cart


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