SpikeTides™ Set Cytokines (Human) - heavy
Technical Data:
Application Cancer biomarker research
Mass spectrometry
Protein Name Cytokines
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)
Indication / Topic Alzheimer's disease
Breast cancer
Burkitt's lymphoma
Gastric cancer
Major depression
Malignant genital cancers
Prostate cancer
Number of peptides 461 

Further Information:
Amount 5 x 96 well plate with 84 isotope labeled proteotypic peptides each and 1 x 96 well plate with 41 isotope labeled proteotypic peptides (50-150 pmol per well)
Specifications 461 heavy labeled proteotypic peptides for 219 human cytokines in 96 well plates
Sequence See Layout and Sequences und
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Protein Length (aa) 0